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Give Your Lawn and Plants Wholesome, Safe, Nutritious, All-Natural Goodness

Start giving your lawn, landscaping, and other plants the best nutrition, instead of chemicals. When you call on Chinook Compost Tea, your lawn will thrive, your flowers and shrubs will be more colorful and lush, and so vibrantly healthy that pests and disease will be greatly suppressed. That goes for many lawn weeds, too. They'll simply be overwhelmed by your lawn's new-found vigor. And that's without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides that are especially harmful to children and pets.

Compost tea is the concentrated essence of specially-prepared and formulated compost in a liquid form that we can easily and efficiently applied to your lawn, shrubs, flowers, trees, or any other plants, including vegetables and fruit trees. Compost tea is loaded with microbes – microscopic life forms – and nutrients that strengthen and protect plants, and compete with and repel disease organisms.

So Environmentally-Friendly You Might Almost Call It Ecologically Romantic

That may sound a bit whimsical, but consider this: Compost tea can be sprayed on the soil or directly on any plant, with complete safety. Your family and your pets can immediately go into areas treated with compost tea. It actually reduces toxicity in the soil and in plants, reduces water usage, and cleans ground and surface water. Compost tea is quickly absorbed by soil and plants, but even if there was some runoff, it would help improve the health of streams, rivers, and uget Sound. Call on Chinook Compost Tea if you're a:

  • Homeowner
  • Property manager
  • Landscaper
  • Fruit or vegetable grower
  • Facilities manager
  • Park manager
  • Environmental restoration project manager

Get Results You – And Everyone Who Visits Your Home – Can See

Imagine vibrant, disease- and pest-resistant flower beds, gardens, and lawns. You'll have a new sense of pride in your yard and in your home, not to mention increasing its value. You'll also have the sure knowledge that the new look of your plants and lawn is actually helping improve the environment, too.

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